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Monkeylectric M232 32-LED bicycle wheel light

Monkeylectric M232 32-LED bicycle wheel light
This item is currently not available.


Start a Party!

When the sun goes down stay visible - the Monkey Light M232 turns your evening bike ride into an instant party. The MonkeyFX system creates thousands of amazing patterns in your spinning bicycle wheel. With cutting edge digital light art, the M232 is sure to get you noticed at night.

The Monkey Light provides great front, rear and side visibility at any speed. It creates full color patterns on your spinning bike wheel at 10 to 40 mph (15 to 65 km/h). The 8-bit themes are instantly customizable - with on-board buttons you can choose the themes and colors to fit any situation.

The M232 is easy to mount on the spokes of nearly any bike - Road, City, Cruiser, Mountain and BMX bikes. The light is perfect for daily commuters, urban cyclists, casual evening riders - anytime you want to be visible.

What's included:
- 1 Monkey Light M232 Bike Light
- 1 Hub-mounted battery holder
- 1 stainless steel anti-theft strap
- 3 rubber mounting pads
- 8 plastic mounting straps
- instruction sheet with 21 languages
- 2 year warranty

- 200 Lumen brightness
- Power: 3 x AA batteries (any type), NIMH rechargeable provide best performance
- Battery life: up to 20 hours
- Fit: bicycle wheels 20" or larger.
- Riding speed: up to 40 mph (65 km/h). Patterns visible above 8-10mph (12-15km/h).
- Visibility: front and side visibility when mounted on front wheel. rear and side visibility when mounted on rear wheel.
- Mounting: straps to spokes with vibration-proof 3-point mount.
- Rugged IP67 construction designed for daily use in all weather conditions
- 32 full color LEDs (16 on each side)
- Made in USA


Monkey Light M232 - Space Dragons Bike Adventure

Monkey Light M232 Bike Light - Oakland California